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Alright people I have some questions.

Here is my schedule as of this moment:

1st- Sports Physiology - May

2nd- Music Appreciation - Edwards

3rd- Trig - Wyatt

4th- English H 11- Lusher.


I want to take AP Biology. Does anyone know what block it is being taught?

Anyone have any classes with me?



If you don't have to take finals, have fun with your break! I know I sure will... ;-)

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AP Biology is 4th block, Mr. Perry.
Mr.Perry is THE coolest. If I could take AP Biology, I so would. He rocks.
thanks! too bad i can't take it cause of my english class! :(
as of right now, i'm in trig 3rd block with wyatt, too.. see ya there =)
see ya!! I know im going to like fail it. :(
we have english together again :)
haha yes! last year was soo much fun i can't wait to see whats in store for this year... kc, kendra and i were discussing how we are all going to have to get together and make a movie this year!! We so have to do it!!
we'll definately have to make another movie. that was so much fun!