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November 2nd, 2004

01:20 pm - Very funny.

People at our school need to grow up.

It is pretty funny some of the things I hear though, believe me, they think I'm not going to hear what they say, haha. People don't really know who I talk to, and who I don't. Trust me I have many many sources no one knows about. It always makes my day to hear a new un-true rumor about myself, and about my friends as well for that matter. The so-called "true" stories are by far my favorites. Who ever is making them up, snaps for them, there are some very creative ones that must have taken quite a while to make-up. good job! :-D Seriously tho, I'm thanking them, the stories make my life sound soo interesting. I could be just like them and go make up rumors about them, but i'd rather not waste my time making up rumors about someone who honestly isn't worth my time. I'm not going to let my world revolve around someone I don't care about and who has no importance in my life what-so-ever, except for entertainment.


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September 3rd, 2004

11:18 pm - violations
school is being so gay about the dress code this year. i mean seriously either buy us uniforms or just let us wear what we want. we're forced to go to school so we should at least be able to wear what we choose to. our school just gets more gay w/each year. wonder what they'll come up w/next year?
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August 28th, 2004

10:08 pm - School
So what does everyone think of school so far?
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August 16th, 2004

11:34 am - New Schedule!

Hey everyone!

 I got my schedule changed today. OMFG I have to go back in tomorrow morning and change my major. all because I dropped AP English, which was obviously a core class...So here is my new schedule:

1 semester:

AP US History - Slick

Psychology - Minshall

Advanced Chem - Cobb

20th Century - Mckinney

Law Studies - Bob!

2nd semester:

AP US History - Slick

Sports Physiology - May

Music Appreciation - Edwards

Trig - Wyatt

English LA Honors 11- Lusher


And that is my wonderful Schedule! lol now Instead of me being a Liberal Arts Major, I am in the Criminal Justice Major I think. I'm not sure, I'll tell you tomorrow. lol


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July 31st, 2004

11:59 pm - Schools almost here! ahh!

So...how has everyones summer been? Good I hope. Mine has been, well, "interesting" to say the least, but you all know me. ;-)

I can't believe it's almost time for school to start again. I'm dreading the early mornings and such. But looking forward to seeing everyone and how they've changed, and also the shopping! ahh! :D

Oh yeah, I completely forgot the whole point of this post... Does anyone know what block Mrs. Lusher teaches English Honors? P.T. and I want to know because we have to switch to it. :D I'm dreading having to change the schedule, considering I'll have to go have yet another halfaday talk with my good bud el clarko.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!! I know I sure will! ;-)


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Current Music: I love the 70's is on, so I'm so there.

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June 16th, 2004


So yeah, I got my schedule and here it is:

First semester:

Morning. AP US History -  Slick

1.            Psychology -        Minshall! HAHA she'll love having me again.

2.            AP English -          Lusher

3.            20th century-        Mckinney

4.            Law studies -        BOB OPPERMAN! haha love bob forever.

Second Semester:

Morning.  AP US History -        Slick

1.            Sports Physiology -    Mays

2.            Music Appre. -          Edwards

3.            Trig-                          Wyatt

4.            Advanced Chem-       Tolley

What do you all think? Should I switch any teachers?

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June 15th, 2004

06:12 pm - anybody in my classes?

my schedule:

1st semester:

AP U.S. History - Slick

AP Calc AB - Dillinger

AP English Lit - Lusher

French 1 - Nash

20th Century - McKinney

2nd semester:

AP U.S. History - Slick

French 2 - Nash

AP Calc BC - Dillinger

Adv Chem 2 - Cobb

Keyboarding - Schamp

it's messed up though. 4th block, 1st semester is supposed to be a free block. and 20th century is supposed to be my 4th block 2nd semester and i'm not supposed to have keyboarding at all. grr!

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05:33 pm - 04-05 is gonna kick my ass

I got my schedule in the mail today, so i decided to post it. when you get yours post it too!

1st Term
1st block - Ap Calc AB (dillinger)
2nd block- Adv Chem (Cobb)
3rd block- History (william, ellis....im guessin slick?)
4th block- Spanish 2 (bedway)

2nd Term
1st block- advanced biology (reid)
2nd block- AP Calc BC (dillinger)
3rd block- Drivers Ed (billups)/ computer lit (hodges)
4th block- Honors english 11 (lusher)

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June 7th, 2004

12:06 am - S to the U to the mother-fuckin MMER. :-)

I don't know my grades, but I don't think you would want to know them if I did.

I think 7:15 is way too early for a class. Damn that AP History, but I guess I'll get used to it. [Sure I will.] Next year is going to be a bitch with all the AP things going on. Mrs. Lusher and the awesome 3 books we must read over the summer AND send essays for 2 of them to her house! What has gotten into teachers?

Hope you all have a bitchin summer, and get some random hookups. [You know what I be doing, or as I should say, who I be doin. hehe]

We need more people in this community! So spread the word to all the Hurricaners. You know you want to.

Shout out to B.S. and our plans for the 'trouble twins'. AND TO.........................................

A. Hendricks, cause her Birthday is in.........8 days! Keep practicing!



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June 2nd, 2004

06:07 pm

im gonna post my final grades...

Precalc-B (maybe an A)

Yall post your grades.

Summer time is in the air!!!
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